How do I shop your products?

Simply hover over the SHOP button at the top of our page and click the category you would like to browse! We also have select and out-of-season items available to shop on Etsy.

How long will it take for my order to be shipped?

Please allow 1-3 days for processing your order. We are currently only listing items that we have in stock so we try our very best to get all orders out the next day when possible! 

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

We ship USPS Priority or First Class depending on the package. Please allow 2-5 days for your package to arrive and up to 15 days for international orders to arrive (this does not include processing time). Tracking will always be sent to you once your order is fulfilled :)

What parts of the world do you ship to?

We ship anywhere in the United States and Canada! We are currently exploring international shipping options and how/if it is a sustainable choice. We would love to serve our international friends but we want to make sure it aligns with our values and commitment to sustainability first.

Will my order come packaged in plastic?

Never! We are striving to be as sustainable and low-waste as possible. All of our packaging is recyclable and biodegradable and often times made from recycled content. Even our tape is biodegradable! We highly encourage our customers to reuse or recycle any packaging that your item comes in. Read about our pledge to sustainability here.

What is your return policy?

You can read our full return policy here.

What if I am not happy with my order?

We are so sorry if this is the case! If you are ever unhappy with your order for whatever reason, please contact us at

Why is my bank account reflecting a different price than my receipt?

All of our prices on the site are in USD, so if you are ordering from another country with a different currency, please keep in mind the difference in price. If you have any questions you can email us at anytime at

Are the clothes you sell handmade by you?

At the moment all of our clothes are vintage and secondhand pieces! Our goal behind this is to give old pieces a new chance at life which will ultimately reduce landfill waste.

Is it really sanitary to buy second-hand clothes?

It most definitely can be! Although secondhand clothes have been in different homes, with a few washes, an old piece can easily feel like a new piece to you. Here at Calico and Twine we wash each piece using a non-toxic, plastic-free, unscented laundry detergent as well as letting some fresh air and sunshine work their magic. We try our very best to try to get any toxic fragrance from previous owners out of the pieces before sending them to you. Wellness is a priority!

What detergent do you use to wash the clothes?

Check out the recipe we use here!

Why don’t you have different sizes?

This is a common frustration and misunderstanding that we get asked often. We do not shy away from carrying a range in sizes, in fact, we carry all sizes from XS all the way up to Plus Sizes. Unlike regular stores such as Target or Urban Outfitters that carry a range of sizes for each individual piece, at Calico and Twine, each piece of clothing we carry in our shop is vintage and secondhand. This means that each piece is one of a kind. This is where the descriptions come in handy. Sizes and measurements are always listed in the description so you can evaluate whether the piece will fit you. We recommend comparing measurements to a similar piece that you already own to get a good idea of sizing.

Who designed your logo?

Our logo was designed by our wonderfully talented friend, Kate Ashbrook!

Are your products organic?

At the time, we offer both organic and non-organic products. Of course it would be amazing to have a strictly organic home, even when it comes to textiles, but we also recognize that it's simply not possible or affordable for most of us. Any organic products that we sell will be clearly listed as organic! Hopefully someday organic will be the new normal and more affordable :) 

Are your products vegan?

Calico and Twine does not carry anything new made from silk, leather, wool, fur, etc. We believe in compassionate living and that extends to animal species as well. On occasion we will carry an item made from/with beeswax sourced from an ethical local beekeeper, or secondhand wool, silk, and leather. While we do not promote the exploitation of animals for fashion (or food!) we feel that if the item is in production, it only makes sense to give it another life and keep it out of a landfill. We are always transparent about the contents of an item so our customers can make the decision that is right for them!