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A thoughtfully curated shop of goods for the simple life. 





Calico and Twine's mission is to embody the value of a simple life and working with your hands (1 Thessalonians 4:11)

In a world where consumerism is loud, and quality is often compromised for the sake of convenience, we believe it's time to get back to the roots of a simpler and softer life. We believe in quality over quantity and that small batches are best.

Here you will find sustainably made and sourced items for your simple life. 

Why Vintage?

Back in the day, things were built to last. Customers were valued and companies prided themselves in quality products.

Now a days, things are built to break, so you have to continue buying them, leading to the never ending cycle of consumerism.

Here at Calico and Twine, we find vintage pieces that are beautiful, useful, and well made. Vintage pieces are typically made with high quality materials such as linen and 100% cotton rather than our cheap and unsustainable material choices of today such as polyester. 

Vintage pieces can last a lifetime and are well worth the investment. Buying secondhand is one of the most sustainable choices in our consumeristic world today. Instead of sending these clothes to pollute more landfills, they are given a second chance at life.   

want to live simpler and softer?


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