What Is Simple Living?

Simple Life

When you think of Simple and Slow living, what do you picture? Maybe Pinterest-like visions come to mind. Rolling country hills, sipping tea while reading a book in a rocking chair, waking up at 5 am to bake a fresh loaf of bread each morning, from scratch of course.

The truth is, simple living isn’t any of those things. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be.

Maybe you’ve never had the desire to live in the country. You can still live simply.

Maybe it’s always been your dream to live on a farm, like me. You can live simply too.

Maybe you’re horrible at baking bread and couldn’t even imagine waking up at the crack of dawn just to make some. You can still live simply.

Wherever you are in life and whoever you are, you can live The Simple Life.

What is The Simple Life?

Living simply means being mindful about what you bring into your home. What you consume. What you purchase. Where you purchase from. What kinds of products you’re putting in and on your body. Simple living is turning from the way the rest of the world does things and forging your own way. A simpler, more peaceful, restful and intentional way.

Simple living is mindful living.

Simple living is intentional living.

Simple living is natural and nontoxic living.

Simple living is ethical living.

Simple living is sustainable living.

Simple living is seasonal living.

All. In. One.

Your Simple Life does not have to look any certain way. It doesn’t even have to look like your Pinterest board. In fact, it probably won’t.

It all boils down to this:

Are you intentional about what is in your home? Home is our place to rest, to rejuvenate. To feel safe. So often our homes are so full of clutter and things that there is no space left for living. We’re in debt because we can’t stop buying and adding to the clutter. We’re stressed out by the state of our homes because we find ourselves putting things “away” only to find more clutter around the corner. We have no room for mental simplicity because there is no simplicity in our physical space. Simple living is turning away from the worldly way of consumerism and the constant pursuit of more. Simple living is accepting that we are not what we own. Simple living is only bringing things in to our home that serve a purpose. Simple living is mindful living.

Are you intentional about what goes in and on your body? Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and should be treated as so. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) We have been conditioned to put toxic, chemical-filled, cancer-causing products on our bodies. We use unsafe products to “clean” our homes. We eat processed “food” full of man-made chemicals and toxins, GMOs, pesticides, and dead animals. We cover up symptoms with pills instead of getting to the source. And then we wonder why we always feel sick and exhausted. It’s because we are. Simple living is turning away from the worldly way of toxic products and food. Simple living is getting back to the roots of real food, real medicine, and real nourishment. Simple living is natural living.

Are you intentional about your footprint on this planet? We are to be stewards of this earth and treat it not as our own, because simply put, it’s not. In a world of so much packaging, waste, and garbage cans every 10 feet, we often forget that when we “throw something away”, it doesn’t actually go away. It actually goes to our already overflowing landfills to spend forever polluting the air, the soil, and our water. We often don’t see that the stores we purchase things from, have used a great deal of energy and resources to mass produce those products, and more often than not, outsource production to factories with unsafe working conditions and laborers that are hardly paid a dime. We forget because it’s not something we see firsthand, it’s purposely hidden from us. But it’s there, behind ever product we purchase. We’ve forgotten how much things really cost. The true cost of materialism. Our cheap prices due to cheap production cause us to purchase more quantity, but get less in quality. All for the sake of new trends or the latest products, we sacrifice intentionality and ultimately the future health of this planet. This way of production and consumption contributes to pollution, other environmental issues, and a slew of ethical issues. Simple living is turning away from the worldly way of wastefulness, mass production and mass consumerism. Simple living is choosing to shop ethically and small instead of from large corporations. Simple living is making sure there is intention and mindfulness before every purchase. Simple living is sustainable and ethical living.

Are you living aligned with the seasons? For every time there is a season (Ecclesiastes 3:1) . God created 4 seasons for a reason. When we become out of sync with the current season, for example, by eating fruits and vegetables that are not in season, wishing for a different season or different weather, or missing out on the wonders of nature because we’re too busy, our bodies and minds become unaligned. Simple living is living deeply rooted in each season. Simple living is eating seasonal fruits and veggies. Simple living is being present in each season, connecting with nature. Simple living is slowing down enough to recognize the different beauties that each season brings. Simple living is seasonal living.

I will tell you this- these ways are not the ways of the world. And maybe that’s why they seem so scary or unachievable. But I tell you friend, they are not. You can have this life and you can have it in abundance.

It is my hope that through Calico and Twine, I am able to inspire and make the transition to The Simple Life, well, a little simpler.

Simple living is not something we arrive at or accomplish. It is something that we nurture throughout our entire lives. In this fast-paced world, slowing down and living simply will always feel against the current. This lifestyle is something we have to mindfully and continually take action towards.

You’re not alone in this, and I’m cheering you on every step of the way!

With care,


Kaetlyn Kennedy