Turning Inward with the Winter Solstice

but then winter happens, like a secret.
— Sean O'Brien 

It's the morning of the Winter Solstice and I'm writing to you at my desk, in a linen shirt, with beeswax candles flickering throughout the room. A steaming mug of creamy chai sits on my left, as rain drops delicately dance on the windowpane to my right. It's as if the rain knows. Knows it's time to wash away a season gone and leave us with a clean slate.

Lately I've been itching for something new, something different. I often feel this way this time of year, as a lot of us do. But this time, it feels different. It's not that I'm wanting it, but more-so, that it's coming and I can feel it's imminent arrival.

I feel so strongly that the winter months are for more mindful and reflective activities- reading books, catching up on blogs, nesting, writing, learning, and so on. I feel my soul yearning to slow down, to reflect, to contemplate. I'm choosing to mimic nature this season, turning inward to focus on my roots rather than outward activity; adopting a quiet rhythm that allows for more meditation and more intention. 

Where I live, the winters can often, uninvitedly, take up most of spring as well. In the past I've spent most of the winter waiting (not so patiently) for spring. Now I've come to realize that skipping over this season of inward growth, only leaves my seasons of outward growth frantic and lacking intention. 

These next few months my content will intentionally be less in quantity, but hopefully, more in quality. I've neglected my blog for quite a while, and I'm feeling a strong pull back to it. I've been quite busy this year, starting a business, writing magazines, learning how to be self-employed, failing, and getting back up again...

Truthfully, in the midst of it all, I have lost myself and need to rediscover who I am outside of my work. My heart has been frantic and hurried for the better half of this year. I'm now choosing to rest in the truth that I am not what I have, I am not what other people say about me or expect from me, and most importantly, I am not what I get done. 

Hurry is not in God's nature.

So I have decided it won't be in mine either. These next few months, I am slowing not only my pace but my heart as well. The Winter Solstice gives us the room to do just that. This is our clean slate that our hearts have been yearning for.

You would think the year was resting too, its work done. And I whispered to myself that I too, would begin to rest.
— C.S. Lewis

Allow these words to sink into your heart and take some time to meditate on their meaning. How will you incorporate these life-giving pursuits this season?


Praying slow peace and abundance over the rest of your holiday season and new year! Merry Christmas!

Much love and talk soon!

With care,

Kaetlyn KennedyComment