Slow Living Activities for Spring

slow living in spring

After a slow, cozy winter spent indoors and in hibernation, Spring seems to be the time where life picks back up again with activities and commitments pulling us in different directions. It is important to find time to slow down even in busy seasons. When we do, we will have renewed energy. I put together a few activities for Spring that will encourage you to slow down and truly notice the beauty around you.

Plant a garden

I couldn't help but add this to the list, because is there anything better and more rewarding than getting your hands and knees dirty and receiving an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables in return? My favorite spring crops to grow include lettuce, spinach, kale, sugar snap peas, cilantro, cabbage, broccoli, onions, and radishes. If you don't already, dedicate a part of your yard to growing your own foods. If you live in an apartment or condo, check to see if your city has a city garden where you can rent a plot for gardening.

Take a walk to see spring flowers

Go for a walk around your neighborhood to look for signs of spring- blooming flowers, budding trees, robins pecking for worms at the newly softened ground. Notice the crisp air that tousles your hair with the faintest scent of spring. Fresh air is refreshing to the soul!

Have a picnic

Packing up some delicious plant-based food in a vintage picnic basket and heading to the park is a fun activity for a sunny and dry Spring day. Take advantage of these days between all the rain and get outside for a bit, even if it's just to eat a meal. It doesn't have to be anything fancy either!

Eat seasonally

Eating seasonally is great because not only is it more sustainable for the environment, but it's better for you as well! The fruits and vegetables that are in season contain the nutrients that you need during that time. Choosing some seasonal fruits and veggies at the store and then coming up with fun and yummy ways to use them is an activity that leads us to being more mindful about what goes into and nourishes our bodies.

Spring cleaning/decluttering

If you're anything like me, cleaning and organizing can be therapeutic. I love the idea of Spring cleaning and parting with things that are no longer needed or bringing use to the home. Would you guys like to see more in depth posts about how to go about this?

Meander around the yard

Grab a pair of rain boots and take a putz around your yard. Inspect your garden beds that are waking up from winter slumber, the daffodils sprouting up in new places, the squirrels scrambling up a tree. If you have a bit of extra time, grab a book and linger outside for a bit longer.

Bake bread

These past few years I have found baking a homemade loaf of bread on a beautiful Spring day is so fun! To let the dough rise in the spring sunshine and place the freshly cooked loaf by an open window to cool in the breeze...I swear it just makes the bread taste better! The process is slow and requires you to work with your hands but the labor is well worth it.

Pick spring flowers

As beautiful as it is to have flowers blooming outside, I love to bring a little bit of nature indoors to enjoy as well. The slow and mindful practice of clipping flowers, bringing them inside, and arranging them in jar or vase is relaxing and rewarding.

Change your bed linens

For me, changing and laundering sheets is a nourishing and renewing practice. By swapping our heavy flannel sheets for something lighter represents this season of shedding any heaviness carried over from winter.

I pray that you find the time to slow down and do something that brings life to your soul this season! What are your favorite activities to do this time of year? I'd love to hear!

With care,


Kaetlyn Kennedy