Eating Seasonally: Simple Summer Rolls

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Hi Calico Babes! I wanted to share with you the simplest but yummiest summer roll recipe! It's full of fresh summer veggies, organic rice, and a delicious sauce. This is definitely one of my go-to meals when I don't have a lot of time to prepare something, or I have the taste for something that is mainly raw! Filling yet light, this meal is perfect for hot summer days.

This recipe is simply a general guideline and can easily be tweaked to your liking! I never really measure when I’m cooking so this “recipe” is mainly a "throw it all together and call it a summer roll" type of thing. If you chop too many veggies or make too much rice, they can easily be popped into a container and stored in the fridge for another day or another meal. No matter how you make these, you can't really go wrong. This recipe is written to serve one, so plan accordingly and be prepared to double or triple the recipe depending on who you’re eating with!


  • 4 non-GMO rice roll wrappers

  • Cold, cooked organic rice

  • Organic carrots

  • Organic cucumbers

  • Organic green scallions

  • Organic avocado

  • Any other desired organic veggies

  • Sesame seeds for topping


  • 1 tablespoon of organic almond butter

  • 1 tablespoon of organic white vinegar (organic is a must here— white vinegar can be made from petroleum and even if it is grain-derived, it is most likely GMO)

  • 1 teaspoon of organic coconut sugar or organic brown cane sugar

  • 2 tablespoons of organic soy sauce or Tamari if GF (always, always make sure your soy sauce is organic!)


Cook the rice in advance so it is cold or at least cool by the time you make the summer rolls. I typically make this recipe when I have leftover rice in the fridge from the day before!


Prepare the veggies that you have chosen to use. My favorite combo is carrots, cucumbers, scallions and avocado. (The scallions are a must in my opinion! They complete the flavor of these rolls. SO yummy!) Cut the veggies using a vegetable peeler to create thin strips to keep the texture light.


Prepare your rice roll wrappers by following the instructions on the bag. I get the kind from Whole Foods or Earth Fare that are hard and have to be rinsed with water in order to soften. Strange at first but really simple once you get the hang of it!


Lay your rice roll wrapper flat and start by placing the vegetables in the center and the rice on top. Fold in the left and right sides and then the bottoms to form a roll shape.


Combine the almond butter, vinegar, coconut or brown sugar, and soy sauce in a bowl and mix until combined. You can follow the measurements I gave or you can make the sauce to taste- I typically just eyeball it when I make the sauce.


Sprinkle the summer rolls with sesame seeds and enjoy with the sauce!

Let me know how this turns out for you if you make it! I love seeing pictures of your creations using our recipes. Tag us @calicoandtwine or @girlincalico so we can see + share! Until next time!

With care,


Kaetlyn Kennedy