Introducing Calico and Twine


As many of you may know, I spent most of last year running an Etsy shop called Tumbleweed and Twine where I made wooden home decor such as signs, shelves, etc. I loved painting and creating and it was really a blessing because it showed me that having an online business like I always dreamed of is possible. But Tumbleweed and Twine just wasn't it. As I was diving deeper into this journey of simplicity and sustainability, what I was creating eventually stopped being fun and started feeling less and less like me.

At the beginning of this year I began to get the nagging thought of closing Tumbleweed and Twine. So I eventually phased out the sign making and started praying about what I should do next. 

It has been a long time coming but finally, Calico and Twine is here and open for business! 

I have combined my love for styling, decorating, sustainability, simplicity and vintage, and created Calico and Twine. Calico and Twine is a thoughtfully curated shop for those striving to live simply and intentionally. At Calico and Twine you will find vintage, handmade, and directly sourced items. Sustainability and simplicity are the intentions of this shop. Our vintage items are sustainably sourced and purchased free of plastic when possible, our fabrics and materials for handmade items are from sustainable and ethical manufacturers with low-impact practices. And most of all we are a completely plastic free company. We will never sell any plastic items or package orders in plastic. For packaging and shipping orders we will be using recycled and up-cycled materials that are completely biodegradable and recyclable (yes, even the tape!)

In today's culture of convenience and consumerism, it's hard to trust where our products are coming from, whether they are harmful to the environment or our health, and whether the company we are purchasing from is ethical and worth supporting. I wanted to do the hard work of figuring all that out for you and source high quality vintage pieces that were made back when things were built to last, make handmade pieces myself that were sewn with love and care, and find other ethical and sustainably made products to sell and support. 

Living simply and sustainably doesn't mean things have to be boring. William Morris once said, "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." Beautiful, stylish clothes, pops of color, and home decor all very much have their place in an intentional lifestyle. The key is choosing craft over convenience, and intention over impulse. 

The pieces you find at Calico and Twine are not only great alternatives to the plastic-laden, chemical filled products of today's culture, but  are also timeless, simple and look great in the home. 

What you can shop now:

  • Vintage summer clothes

  • Home goods such as wooden bowls, simple baskets, etc

  • Handmade linen apron

  • Sustainable living tools such as a hemp linen tote bag and organic cotton bulk bags

What's to come:

  • More vintage clothes- a few more summer pieces and then the fall collection!

  • More home goods like baskets, bowls, wooden alternatives to plastic, etc

  • Sustainable living goods such as tote bags, market baskets, bulk bags, etc.

  • Items that are beautiful, useful, high quality, and sustainably made and sourced

It would mean so much if you took a moment to look around the site. To shop, simply hover over our "SHOP" button at the top of the page and pick a category! Thank you so much for your support! 

With gratitude,


Kaetlyn Kennedy