All Natural Deodorant- Bergamot Lime

All Natural Deodorant- Bergamot Lime


My favorite nontoxic deodorant that actually works!! The glass jar is reusable and recyclable- a great alternative to plastic deodorant containers that pollute landfills!

This award-winning formula provides all-day odor protection and wetness relief naturally. Free of aluminum and other chemicals, this deodorant is fast-absorbing and non-greasy.

Reminiscent of a summer's day with its bright citrus scent, Bergamot + Lime is a true pleasure to wear. Schmidt's formulas use innovative botanicals and mineral-derived ingredients that are packed with healthy benefits for our bodies. Everything produced is manufactured without harming any animals—Schmidt’s is committed to staying certified vegan and cruelty-free.

  • SLS Free

  • Sulfate Free

  • Not Formulated with Wheat or Wheat Gluten

  • No Wheat

  • No alcohol ingredients added

  • Made In USA

  • Phosphate Free

  • Non Toxic

  • Paraben and Petroleum Free

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