Calico and Twine is a thoughtfully curated shop for those desiring to live simply and sustainably. Here you will find quality vintage, handmade, and directly sourced pieces. 


Why does sustainability matter?

We believe that as stewards of this earth, it is our job to take care of God's creation while we are here. That is why sustainability is so important to us. Our vintage pieces are ethically gathered and purchased free of plastic and waste when possible. We try our best to use fabrics free of harmful chemicals and dyes from sustainable sources when making our handmade items. We consciously strive to create less waste, recycling our fabric scraps and avoiding plastic at all costs. We believe that shopping second-hand and handmade items is the way of the future. In a world that pushes convenience and consumerism, we believe it's time to get back to the roots of a simpler and softer life. Buying less, but choosing well and only brining items into our homes that are useful, but also beautiful.


Why does shopping small matter?

It's no secret that big chain corporations are running small shops out of business. It's convenient to shop from these stores, but it's almost impossible to know where the items came from and exactly what our money is supporting. When you shop from a small business, your money is impacting the owner directly, giving them an opportunity to continue doing what they love. Not only that but the items are much more thoughtfully made and higher quality, because a happy customer is the main priority. 


Kaetlyn Kennedy is the owner and creator of Calico and Twine.

Kaetlyn's passion in life is to help people bring simple back into all aspects of their lives. You can keep up with her on instagram (@kaetlyn.anne) or her website (