Who We Are

Calico and Twine is a thoughtfully curated space for those desiring to live simpler and softer. Here you will find the tools and resources to inspire a simple, sustainable, and seasonal life.

Through our quality vintage, handmade, and directly sourced items, we encourage conscious consumerism rather than convenient consumerism. We desire to help others align their hearts, habits, and homes with a way of life that is rooted in compassion, intention, and simplicity.

Sustainable. Simple. Natural. Ethical. Seasonal. Intentional. Slow.

What does it mean to live simpler and softer?

Living simply means being mindful about what we bring into our home, what we consume, what we purchase, where we purchase from, what kinds of products we’re putting in and on our body and using in our home. Simple living is turning from the way the rest of the world does things and forging our own way. A simpler, more peaceful, restful and intentional way.

Simple living is mindful living.

Simple living is intentional living.

Simple living is natural and nontoxic living.

Simple living is ethical living.

Simple living is sustainable living.

Simple living is seasonal living.

Living a softer life means being mindful about our impact on this planet and our impact on others. We vote with our dollars, we make do and mend, we shop small, we avoid chemicals and synthetics, and we make a big impact by leaving a soft footprint.


Our Pledge to Sustainability

Why Sustainability Matters

We believe that as stewards of this earth, it is our job to take care of God's creation while we are here. That is why sustainability is so important to us at Calico and Twine. We consciously strive to create less waste through both our business process and through the products that we sell that encourage others to do the same. We believe that shopping secondhand and handmade items is the way of the future. In a world that pushes convenience and consumerism, we believe it's time to get back to the roots of a simpler and softer life. Buying less, but choosing well and only bringing items into our homes that are useful, but also beautiful.

No New Clothes

Fast fashion is one of the highest polluting industries in the world. On top of the environmental impact that production alone causes, over 26 billion pounds of clothing and textiles are thrown away and end up in landfills each year. At Calico and Twine, we are dedicated to no new clothes. Our carefully curated selection of clothing is secondhand and vintage only. This keeps these clothes out of landfills and gives them another chance at life. We encourage conscious consumerism rather convenient consumerism. We encourage quality over quantity. By mindfully shopping slow, simply, and sustainably, we lighten our footprint on this planet and ultimately find our own style rather than keeping up with the ever-changing trends.

Why Vintage?

Back in the day, things were built to last. Customers were valued and companies prided themselves in quality products. Now a days, things are built to break, so you have to continue buying them, leading to the never ending cycle of consumerism.

Here at Calico and Twine, we curate a selection of vintage pieces that are beautiful, useful, and well made. Vintage pieces are typically made with high quality materials such as linen and 100% cotton rather than our cheap and unsustainable material choices of today, such as polyester and acrylic. 

Vintage pieces can last a lifetime and are well worth the investment. Buying secondhand is one of the most sustainable choices in our consumeristic world today. Instead of sending these clothes to pollute more landfills, they are given a second chance at life.

Our Material Standards

Calico and Twine is dedicated to only stocking pieces that are made from natural materials that are kind to the environment. Synthetic fibers are fibers made from man-made chemicals rather than nature-made materials. Synthetic fibers are typically petroleum or plastic-based, which means every time they are washed, they release microplastics into the water system. This is damaging to our health, the planet, and marine life.

Synthetic fibers are popular among the fast fashion industry because they are cheap in price, but unfortunately this means they are also cheap in quality. This leads to having to purchase replacements more often versus investing in high quality natural pieces that can last a lifetime with the right care. Natural materials tend to be easier to find in vintage clothing compared to our modern day options which is why the clothes we stock are 99% of the time vintage. This ensures that the pieces have held their quality for decades and will continue to do so for decades to come.

We are vigilant about stocking only natural materials like cotton, ramie, linen, hemp, bamboo, etc. While we are not perfect (we do allow some rayon and pieces with less than 5% spandex), we never sell anything made from polyester, acrylic, nylon, fleece, etc. This means we sometimes have to pass on a really cute piece because it doesn’t meet our standards, but the environment will always be put first when sourcing our products.










Organic cotton





Small percentages of rayon blended with linen or cotton

Pieces with less than 5% Spandex

Plastic Free Shipping

Calico and Twine is dedicated to providing plastic-free shipping. In the United States, all clothing retailers that ship from warehouses are required to package their clothing in plastic bags- even sustainable and conscious brands. Luckily, we are a small home-based business, so we are able to ship your orders plastic free.

We believe that it’s the retailer’s responsibility to take care of waste and that the customer should never be in the situation of having to dispose of waste in order to purchase something they need or want.

All parts of our packaging is compostable and recyclable. By upcycling boxes, purchasing envelopes made from post-consumer waste, and using biodegradable tape to package everything up, we are able to ship completely plastic free.

Our business cards and order receipts are also printed on 100% post-consumer waste paper.

We encourage our customers to reuse our shipping materials if possible, and recycle or compost them if they cannot be reused.

Our Mission

It is possible to have both a cute and sustainable wardrobe that makes you feel good and softens your footprint on this planet at the same time. We want to make that more readily available for everyone. We do the hard work for you of weeding out the unsustainable pieces so you can focus on curating your style without worrying about hurting the environment.

Our customers are able to trust in the products that we stock because everything is sourced from ethical, sustainable, and natural brands with values that align with ours.

Why Does Shopping Small Matter?

It's no secret that big chain corporations are running small shops out of business. It's convenient to shop from these stores, but it's almost impossible to know where the items came from and exactly what our money is supporting. When you shop from a small business, your money is impacting the owner directly, giving them an opportunity to continue doing what they love. Not only that but the items are much more thoughtfully made and higher quality, because a happy customer is the main priority. 

Meet The Girl In Calico

Kaetlyn Kennedy is the owner and creator of Calico and Twine.

Kaetlyn's passion in life is to help others find nourishment and alignment through simple, sustainable, and slow seasonal living. She believes that living rooted in these intentions is where we will rediscover what it truly means to live a joyful and aligned life.

Kaetlyn created this space to give you the tools and resources to change your own life just she has done her own. It is her hope that you are able to find simplicity, rest, and nourishment in your life once again.

You can keep up with Kaetlyn on her personal instagram, @girlincalico.